Internet – New Media – Culture 2.0.

Virtual Science and Education Prospects

Place: Second MCSU (MCSU island in Second Life)

November 5-6, 2010

Organizing Committee:

Scientific web portal Wiedza i Edukacja


The University Centre for Distance Learning and On-line Courses in Lublin,


Institute of Cultural Studies MCSU


Academia Electronica – Polish Community

Polish Association for Cultural Studies – the Lublin Branch


Participants: up to 80 Avatars allowed on-line (preference will be given to participants with lectures submitted)

For all people concerned, live broadcast on the Internet will be provided with the possibility of audio and video charge free downloads.

After the Conference, the publishing of articles and other materials is planned

Participants of debates held in Second Life do not cover any expenditures and are not required to pay any additional fees

For all people concerned, essential guidance for working in the Second Life environment is provided

The official Conference website as well as the manual to Second Life is available at the following address:


The main aim of our discussions and displays focuses on making use of the Internet and the new media in such a way that they would substantially contribute to scientific research and didactic process at different levels of advancement. We are deeply convinced that the new IT technologies ought to take part in creating totally new possibilities connected with education and creation of knowledge. Nowadays, the Internet becomes a new frontier of scientific activities characterized by its vast potential regarding science and learning. The Internet brought to life a new phenomenon which is e-learning and knowledge transmission. Our conference is supposed to present this newly born world of virtual science and education. Therefore, our conference will be held in this new, for contemporary human, environment that is Second Life. We would greatly appreciate if people who create knowledge and teach via the Internet could take part in this event and share their experience with the others. Especially, we count on multidisciplinary researchers, teachers, and members of web portals that contribute to science and education. We expect our participants to display legal, ethical, and cultural dilemmas connected with knowledge creation on the web. We would also welcome software programmers and manufacturers operating in the field of science and education. We hope that the world of media would also be interested in our meeting, especially, journalists specializing in the issues of the Internet and new technologies.

All the participants are kindly requested to send their applications via e-mail to the following address::

e-mail: andrzejradomski64@gmail.com
prof. dr hab. Andrzej Radomski
Instytut Kulturoznawstwa UMCS
ul.Pl. Marii Curie –Skłodowskiej 4,
20 -031 Lublin

Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2010

The following forms of participation are accepted: conference papers (hardcopies and e-versions required), multimedia presentations, films.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Radomski

Secretary and Conference Manager
mgr Radosław Bomba

About the project

The Project entitled Science in Second Life is a series of lectures, discussion panels, and meetings organized in the world of Second Life. This project is created and maintained by the Department of Theory and Methodology of Culture being an integral part of the Institute of Cultural Studies MCSU, web portal Wiedza i Edukacja (Wiedza i Edukacja), and MCSU in Second Life.

The main aim of this project is exploration of scientific and educational advantages and chances created by the world of Second Life and scientific web portals such as Wiedza i Edukacja (Wiedza i Edukacja). The organizers of this venture try to point out the unquestionable advantages of this new digital way of cultivating science. Hence, Science 2.0 appears to be the linking point to all the actions undertaken in the creation of model of science that inspires collective intelligence, togetherness, and participation of different users in co-creation of knowledge by means of Web 2.0.

Contact Person and the Chairman of the Organizing Committee

prof. dr hab. Andrzej Radomski
Instytut Kulturoznawstwa UMCS
ul.Pl. Marii Curie –Skłodowskiej 4,
20 -031 Lublin

e-mail: andrzejradomski64@gmail.com
Cell Phone.: +48 502-238-907

Additional information:

Radosław Bomba MA,
Instytut Kulturoznawstwa UMCS,
Pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 4,
20-031 Lublin

Should you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to e-mail Radosław Bomba: radoslawbomba@gmail.com

Technical support and assistance

Should you encounter any technical problems, have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. All the assistance in case of technical support connected with Second Life environment is provided by:

Rafał Moczadło

Address: Uniwersyteckie Centrum Zdalnego Nauczania i Kursów Otwartych
Pl. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 5 20-031 Lublin
Phone +48-081-537-61-81
Email: rafal.moczadlo@puw.pl

In order to take part in the conference held in Second Life, you may find useful to watch the tutorial given below:

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